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Energy Curtailment Services  |   Curtailment Program

Energy Curtailment Services
With the demand for electricity increasing each year and the supply holding steady, we face the real possibility of brownouts or rolling blackouts during periods of high demand, such as we've experienced this summer. In response to this, the New York State Independent System Operator (NYISO), has developed Emergency Response programs, which are activated during high demand periods.

The simple truth is that we need more electric generation capacity in New York State to meet the growing need. But, building power plants is costly, time consuming, and fraught with regulatory and political challenges. The principal of the Emergency Response programs is quite simply that one MW of power reduced is equivalent to one MW of power generated.

In New York City and on Long Island, one MW is worth $75,000 — $100,000 per year

Curtailment Program
ELECTRIC REDUCTION: Absolute Energy will work with you to identify the amount of electric load you can reduce during an emergency. We will also identify the practicality of using onsite generation to further reduce your demand on the utility system. We will also develop a specific, step–by–step plan that you will follow during an emergency.

PAYMENT: Absolute Energy will pay you based on a published clearing price and schedule for your commitment to participate in the program.

ADDITIONAL PAYMENT: If the Emergency Reponse Program is activated by the NYISO, you may also qualify for additional energy payments from Absolute Energy.

NO FINANCIAL PENALTIES: There are no financial penalties for under–performance or non-performance. You will be paid for the amount you curtail (up to your commitment level).

PRIOR NOTICE: You will receive a "Day Ahead Advisory" for a POTENTIAL emergency. This advisory will be received 21 hours before the call for participation.

You will receive a "Two-Hour Notice" before the Emergency Response Program is activated.

MINIMAL REDUCTION: There are generally at least two tests per year, each lasting one hour. Actual emergencies will last from 1 to 4 hours. If the situation continues beyond 4 hours, continued participation is voluntary.

NO COST: There is no cost to you for participation in this program. In some cases however, you may be required to install metering equipment and host metered data with an authorized vendor. Absolute Energy would assist with the arrangements.


>  Services  >  Emergency Response